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The Global Positioning System (GPS) was developed by the United States Department of Defense. GPS USA is the only system in the world and uses the transmission of microwave signals from a network of 24 satellites orbiting 12,000 miles above the Earth to determine the position of a receiver, as well as its speed. and its direction of movement. President Reagan was originally restricted to military use and approved by civilians by GPS in 1983 after the death of 269 passengers and crew in a Korean plane that was shot down as it departed from the Russian airspace. GPS has quickly become an aid to navigation around the world. Compared to their previous predecessors, today’s GPS devices are quite compact and extremely precise. Thanks to these advances, many drivers now rely on GPS navigation systems so that cars do not get lost.

Global Positioning System (GPS) data

GPS operation in the car

GPS car navigation systems can be factory installed on new cars or purchased as additional accessories. By combining the use of satellite signals with interactive boarding passes, automotive GPS navigation systems can plot travel routes to a specific destination using a variety of variables. Some car GPS navigation systems are connected to traffic information sources to automatically take into account construction work and congestion to determine the best route. If a driver misses a curve, GPS navigation systems can quickly correct the error with an updated route. By providing voice or visual instructions, these units can also help drivers find the nearest preferred gas station or restaurant.

Stay Updated

Annual map updates are recommended on board a car GPS navigation system. Due to the scale of the changes on the routes, such as B. new exits and additional points of interest such as banks / ATMs, gas stations, restaurants and hotels, updates are necessary to maintain the optimal performance of GPS navigation systems for cars. Map updates are available from manufacturers of automotive GPS navigation systems.